Catenian Public Speaking Competition 2024


Participants in a recent Catenian Public Speaking Competition

One of the principal aims of the Catenian Association is to advance the interests of young people....

Every year regional heats are arranged by local Catenians for students in Catholic Education to participate in public speaking competitions to find the Contestants for the Catenian Association's National Public Speaking Competition which takes place in Manchester each year. 


In our modern world it is essential that young people equip themselves with the skills to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively. To this end, and organised by local Catenians together with the teachers, family and friends of the entrants in the competition, we will be encouraging Catholic schools and colleges across East & West Sussex to participate in this important event.


The competion for Years 11, 12 & 13 students will take place at a central location in the 2024 spring term. Organised by the local members of the Catenian Assocation, the competition invites student to speak for four minutes for a chance of winning £200 for their school's charity fund and to be able to include their participation on their CV for university and their future employment. Each participant will recieve a Certificate of Participation and the winner and runners up will each receive a cash prize and a Certificate of Achievement. The winner and runner up from our competition heat in East & West Sussex will go on to compete at the Catenian Association Public Speaking Competition Finals held in Manchester in September 2024









The 2024 Catenian Public Speaking Competition?

The 2024 Catenian Public Speaking Competition Final will be held on Sunday 14th September at the Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester.


Most Catenian Provinces are arranging Regional competitions and inviting the Catholic schools and colleges in their areas to send students to compete. The Catenian National Public Speaking Competition is open to students aged 16 to 18 years who attend Catholic Schools. The winners of these Regional competitions are invited to attend the National Final.


Locally, each year we invite students aged 16-18 from Catholic schools across East & West Sussex to participate. Topics are chosen and most schools that participate hold their own in-house competition in the Autumn term to produce their two top performing students. These and top students from other schools in East & West Sussex join us for our local heat. This is usually at a central, prestigious location and before an audience and three impartial Judges who will decide the winner. Every participant at this level receives a certificate and both the winner and runner up receives a cash prize. The winner goes on to participate in the National Finals held in Manchester in September.


Appropriate expenses for the winners attending the Manchester Finals will be met by the Catenians.


Find out more about the CATENIAN NATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION 2024 and how you and your school or college may enter by clicking on this link...