Sussex Catenians

Catenians are active in the Catholic churches across East & West Sussex.... and nationally...


Sussex Catenians are part of an international social group of Catholic men and their families...

Catenians actively support Vocations to the priesthood, Diaconate & the Religious Life...

Catenians support Catholic young people in many ways including with our Bursary Fund...

Catenians are Catholics. We are Catholic men from across Sussex much supported by our wives and families - and we come together at least once each month for a social 'Catenians meeting'. Along with our wives and families, we also participate together in loads of local, national and even international leisure activities.


Catenians very much support our Church and vocations within it and the Catholic community in which we live.


In Britain, where the Catenians first began in 1908, there are now thousands of men in our Catenian Association networking together, socialising and supporting each other in our faith and in our  daily lives. Catenians are a true fellowship.


Age is not a barrier to joining the Catenians - young and old - Catenians support each other in a spirit of friendliness, trust, confidence and co-operation. Our mutual Catholic faith is the bond that brought and keeps us together within our Catenian Association. 

Catholics.... just like you