To the Priesthood, Diaconate & the Religious Life

How do Sussex Catenians give support?

 We Catenians support our Clergy and Vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious Life.


Catenians do this in four ways:

  1. By prayer at every meeting.
  2. By arranging Catenian Masses throughout the year.
  3. By formal support for Vocations via the Vocations Initiative.
  4. By monetary support of the National Office for Vocation. For some time, we have been the largest single donor to the Office for Vocation.


Each year, dozens of Catenian Provinces, hundreds of Catenian Circles and thousands of Catenians between them donate tens of thousands of pounds for Vocations, the Diaconate and the Religious life.

Working in our Parishes & Dioceses

The Catenian Association does not overlap with other excellent Catholic bodies like the SVP, KSC, CAFOD or SERRA but many Catenians are members in these organisations.


It is also not surprising that such a proudly Catholic body  has amongst its members Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Organisers of Covenants and Bazaars, School Managers & Governors... indeed all the necessary jobs that go with running our Church.

Our Catenian Association takes no credit for this but is proud that men of this quality find it so very relevant and attractive, become part of it and in the main, stay members and amongst friends for a lifetime.

Masses are said annually for:

  • Our Deceased Catenian Brothers
  • Our Deceased Catenian Wives
  • Vocations to the Priesthood, the Diaconate & the Religious Life
  • Six Provinces Mass
  • President's Sunday


At locally and nationally held Masses, we remember each year our friends no longer with us.

We pray together for more people to find their Vocation to the Priesthood, the Diaconate & the Religious Life.

In Sussex, we band together with our Catenian neighbours from Counties across the south and south-east and give thanks as we hold our annual Mass in Westminster Cathedral.

The President of each Catenian Circle in Sussex and indeed around the world hosts a local celebratory social gathering, usually in the summer months. Before the festivities begin, we celebrate a very special local Mass with our friends and families.